Grace Nguyen. '91. Walnut, CA.


0 notes Know your place.  #dumb #Korean  #I #love #you @cassyla  (Taken with instagram)

Know your place.  #dumb #Korean #I #love #you @cassyla  (Taken with instagram)

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1 note "How should we like it were stars to burn
With a passion for us we could not return?
If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.
The More Loving One, W.H Auden (via inmyhonestfuckingopinion)
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I can’t really explain why I’m so drawn to her

But it might be because

She wears beauty like her favorite shirt

Uses sunshine as toothpaste twice a day

Loves like she can’t be hurt

And runs the red lights anyway

Because if she took the time to stop for every guy that wanted her to slow down

She’d still be backing out of her driveway


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They say that love is abstract

But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in every step that you take

I see it in the way you talk, laugh, and smile

And maybe I’m just crazy

For girls as sexy as their style

But I don’t want to just fall in love

I want to jump out of a plane ten thousand feet in the…

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"Here, I want you to have the best bite."

Saving me the best part of your food is more or less declaring your undying and unselfish love to me. In fact, it’s pretty much a total substitute for saying “I love you”. In my world of extreme fatassary, there is no other greater display of affection than that.

You have been warned.

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I’ll treat you as if you’re my last girl. I’ll take you seriously, not for granted. I’ll do my very best for you, not take advantage of you. I’ll give you more than just material possessions and compliments on your outfits or hair, I’ll give you my heart and the love and…

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Kendama Love & Other Love.


Kendama Love & Other Love.

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I thought I was having a heart attack the day I first saw her

My heart was as rhythmic as a child banging on pots and pans

Because she…

She is dynamic

Love at first sight is an understatement

No, to me

She is all five senses

Ground and blended, she is more potent than the most copious…

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